CFA CH + GR EUR CH Ginger Bears Bonny Suprise

Cameo tabby classic


CFA GR Summernight's Madock

Cameo tabby clásico

Poeme Hurricane


CFA CH Bittmar's Black Magic Poeme
CFA CH Kelsa Stormy Weather Of Poeme
Love Face's Little Lady

Tortuga red

CFA CH Poeme Invisible Touch Of Love Face
CFA GC Della Valle Janet Jackson

CFA CH El Abisai's Princess Heavenly Dream

Brown patched tabby white mackerel

CFA CH El Abisai's Bonny Illusion

Silver tabby

CFA GC Purrkay's Paddington Bear
El Abisai's Dancin Til Dawn
CFA CH Love Face's Pretty Angle


CFA CH Poeme Invisible Touch Of Love Face
CFA CG Della Valle Janet Jackson


CFA CH + GR EUR CH Roggenstein's Curly Sue

Brown tabby mackerel white

CFA CH Abalisa Sugar-N-Spice

Black white

Anomis Hot Spot Of Abalisa

Red white van

Marhei Hot Bandit Of Anomis
CH Marhei Yabba Dabba Doo Of Anomis
Miss Star Dust v. Bastian


Oldetyme's Midnight Thunderbolt
Tinker Toy v. Marquardtsein
CFA CH + GR INT CH Vibrations Joleen of Roggensteins

Brown patched tabby white

CFA CH Wattkatz Crush of Vibrations

Red white

CFA CH Equinox Spotless of Couture Cats
CFA CH Colesco's Curtain Call of Wattkatz
Vibrations Lisa Marie

Blue mac tabby white

Vibrations Rebell Yell

CFA CH Vibrations Christal